8/30/1991 - 3/21/2014

This one was way too good for this place!

Tyler David Thompson~ age 22…..

” I’m Tyler T, the crazy one in the bunch… I love to kick it.”

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Tyler David, You are my heart and soul. I miss you so much that it hurts. I think of u everyday and will for the rest of my life. I love u baby! Love mama

Keri Thompson Jan 13 2019

Forever your rider. Forever your number one fan. You're forever in my heart. Not a day goes by you don't cross my mind. I love you 12.09.13

Jennifer Oct 27 2017

Celebrating the Life of Tyler Thompson

Mama Oct 27 2017

Since day one you've been my best friend, my brother,and part of my family.I love you miss you always thinking of you FOREVER IN MY HEART

Henry J Hernandez Oct 27 2017

Tyler, You are an amazing person loved and missed by so many. I will always be a part of your families life. Love you Tyler like family

Myra Bauknight Oct 27 2017

I miss u like crazy bro wish I could talk to u :,( love you brother till we met again in paradise

Danny Ortega Oct 27 2017