12/3/1963 - 10/18/2013

To Our Mom, Best Friend, and support system! We Love You ETERNALLY!

MOTHER…To some, Mother may mean provider, caregiver, or even nurturer. Yes, I can relate to ALL of those things from My Mother, but to Me You were more than just that! When I think about My Mom Cynthia, I think of Best Friend, PEACEMAKER, and Protector. There was nothing in this world that I could ask You for, if You had it, I had it.

I think back to My childhood days, remembering how hard You worked to make sure We had the things We needed. If You couldn’t get something for Us it saddened You just as much.

You went out Your way to be the Best Mother You could be. Even though I didn’t see it then, or recognize it like I should’ve then, I truly appreciate Your efforts now!

I watched You suffer surgery, after surgery then procedure, after procedure without You once complaining. You did all of those things to lengthen Your days to be here with Us. I know that You were tired, but I’m glad that You kept fighting until God gave You that PEACE that You were searching and longing for! I thank God to have had You in My life for a Mother, Friend, and Protector! We have Plenty Memories that We hold onto that will keep Us connected to You! I know that Your smile is lighting up the heavens! WE LOVE YOU MA!

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Hi fat face.I miss You so much,wish We could talk all day about everything again.Just one of those days. I love You externally Ma.

Keyuna Brown Oct 27 2017

Hey Ma, I just wanted to let You know that I'm OK. I miss You and I love You eternally. Save a spot for Me and take care of Brittney for Me!

Keyuna Oct 27 2017

Hey Fat face, just thinking of You, and that smile! I love You eternally, continue to rest peacefully!

Keyuna Brown Oct 27 2017

I miss you so much mi lady fathead I still hold on to your voice and smile to keep me strong! Love you forever always

Krystal Carter Oct 27 2017

Although you are not physically here there is not a day that goes by that I don't miss you.

Claudia B. Ratcliff Oct 27 2017