7/22/2003 - 12/25/2012

Dedicated to our beautiful Abby and the life and love that she gave so generously every day.

We were living in Albuquerque, New Mexico anxiously awaiting the birth of our 2nd child. Hannah our oldest was 2 and couldn’t wait for her baby sister to arrive. Even before Abby was born things were going to be done her way on her time schedule. Nana and Poppy arrived from West Virginia to help since we were living out in the wild west on our own. We had the best 3 week visit before Abby made her joyful appearance into this world! It has been an amazing 9 year journey since then. Abby LOVED her family beach trips with both the Moore and Bacho families. She loved being thebig sister” when little sister Charlotte arrived in July of 2007. As parents you have your good days and your bad days with your children but you begin to learn that each child is a gift and different in their own way with the personality and spirit that God has given them. God graced Abby with an abundance of spirit! With that was also a huge heart and true love for family.

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It is a normal summer night at our house. We miss her so much that our chests ache. Just like always.

The Hoyings Oct 27 2017

Abby i will always remember you as a sweet and beautiful young girl that was full of joy and happiness

Kennedy Oct 27 2017


This Young Little Beautiful Girl Was One Of My Friends That Oct 27 2017

Missing your smile.

Lola Oct 27 2017

I loved having Abby over for play dates. She would always make Lilly giggle. Great memories!!!

Kim Arnall Oct 27 2017