HRSA Workplace for Life Campaign

Welcome to the HRSA Hospital Workplace Partnership For Life program. We appreciate our hospital partners commitment to a donation friendly community, and to increase the number of individuals who register as organ, tissue and eye donors to save lives…one YES at a time. Please see documents below to download for the 2017-2018 campaign!

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HRSA WPFL Campaign Handbook 2018-2019

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Step 1: Learn the Facts

  • One organ, tissue and eye donor can save and improve the lives of more than 75  people.
  • Donation has no age limit – please register today regardless of age or past medical history. Nearly every individual can help others through organ, tissue or eye donation.
  • There is no financial burden on the estate of a donor, or their family. All costs associated with donation are covered by the recovery organization.
  • All major religions support donation as a personal decision and generous gift.

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Step 2: Register Today!

Sign up to save lives at! Don’t forget to choose “Hospitals” for where you learned about organ, tissue and eye donor registration, and then choose the hospital where you learned about the HRSA Workplace for Life campaign. Taking these additional steps helps hospital partners see how their efforts to educate their staff and communities about organ, tissue and eye donation make an impact on individuals who choose to register as a donor.

Step 3: Encourage Others to Register

Share the important message of organ, tissue and eye donation with your friends, family, colleagues and community by posting your decision to register on your social media platforms, through email or by word of mouth. Don’t forget to share this link:, so other’s can follow your example and register!