LifeLink® Foundation “Faces of Transplantation” Calendar Nomination

Please complete the following information fields, to the best of your ability, for your 2020 calendar nominee. You are encouraged to gather information discreetly, so as not to imply your nominee’s selection for calendar is guaranteed – and thus risk disappointing anyone. To be eligible for participation, nominee(s) should reside within Florida, Georgia or Puerto Rico. All are welcome to submit a calendar nomination(s); self-nominations also acceptable. Once the list of calendar participants is approved, the Public Affairs Department will approach nominees directly regarding their participation. Please note, Public Affairs is the primary point of contact for all calendar participants during the production process.


*Please note, if submitting a donor family nomination, more than one year’s time needs to have elapsed since date of their loved one’s organ and/or tissue donation out of consideration for their grief journey.*


2020 "Faces of Transplantation" Nomination Form


Nominations should be submitted no later than Friday, December 21, 2018. If you have questions and/or need additional assistance please contact Public Affairs Department at (800) 262-5775.