The Donor Family Quilt project is dedicated to the memory of those who so generously gave the Gift of Life. Each unique square is created and submitted by donor families to honor their loved one.

The quilt is displayed at the annual Donor Family Service of Remembrance as well as other special events, inspiring all those who see it to spread the message of organ and tissue donation and remember those who gave. To view our donor family quilts online, click here.

Some guidelines for quilt square submissions are:

  • Your quilt square must measure 8 inches X 8 inches, with a 3/4 inch border.
  • Your quilt square must be made of fabric. You can use any type of fabric, but cotton is preferred. You may decorate with any medium you like, including embroidery, permanent markers, paint or photos.
  • You may wish to transfer photos onto your fabric with special paper available at craft supply stores.
  • Please note: Glitter, stickers, crayons and glue can easily fall off your artwork or dissolve. Please refrain from using these items.
  • You may note your loved one’s name, dates of birth and passing, sentimental quotes or sayings on your square. Please sew items securely, or write in permanent marker.
  • Please do not finish the square with backing or quilting. We will take care of that for you.
  • To ensure all squares are included, we ask you to submit only one square per family.
  • There is no deadline, the quilt is never finished. We will continue to add quilt panels in remembrance of donors and their loved ones.

Please send your quilt square certified mail or other trackable carrier, such as UPS or Fed Ex to the attention of Donor Family Services, at the address for the LifeLink office serving your state. Please be sure to include the donor’s full name and date of donation. Please also include your name, address and phone number with the square. This information will be kept confidential. We would like to provide you with a confirmation of receipt for your quilt square. If you do not receive confirmation in 6-8 weeks, please notify LifeLink.

If you wish to submit a square in honor of your loved one please use the resource below, which includes a paper template to ensure your square is appropriately sized.