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Organ donation is a gift that provides renewed life to a patient in need. After a life-saving heart, liver, lung, kidney, pancreas or small intestine transplant, many transplant recipients go on to lead normal, active and productive lives – working, spending time with family, contributing to their community and making memories which would be otherwise impossible.

Organ donation, with the primary exception of living kidney donation, occurs after someone has died from an injury that results in brain death. When you are sick or injured and admitted to a hospital, the hospital’s #1 priority is to save your life. There are no exceptions. Donation doesn’t become a possibility until all lifesaving methods have failed.

Hospitals are required by law to contact their local organ procurement organization any time someone passes away so that donation may be considered as a possibility. LifeLink of Georgia represents one of 58 federally designated organ procurement organizations throughout the United States. LifeLink of Georgia collaborates with hospitals, medical professionals, other agencies (such as medical examiners and law enforcement) and the public to increase support for donation, and to facilitate donation. We are available 24-hours daily to respond to the potential for life-saving donation in our areas.



Knowledge is power. Learn more about organ donation in the US.

Tissue donation is another way to save and improve lives through transplantation. Hundreds of thousands of people benefit annually from tissue transplantation, which can provide patients with opportunities to experience otherwise impossible events. Tissue donation takes place at the end of someone’s life and is a gift given without conditions or compensation.

One tissue donor can enhance or restore the lives of more than 70 people.

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