Another chance in life to move forward

Frank had a rewarding job as a life insurance salesman meeting people one-on-one, providing wisdom and encouragement. He excelled in his role and was promoted to District Manager within the first six months. Unfortunately, hypertension – which is hereditary in his family – led Frank down a road to kidney failure, forcing him to give

Back to what he loves the most, helping others

Raul may have retired from his career as a sales representative for a wholesale candy and chocolate company, but he barely slowed down He now specializes in fundraising events for charitable causes – helping ease the financial burden of individuals with difficult health situations. He always enjoys having the opportunity to help others, but never

Faces of Transplantation Calendar Showcases Renewed Life and Those Who Gave

The term pin-up calendar takes on a whole new meaning when in reference to LifeLink Foundation’s annual Faces of Transplantation calendar. Instead of beefcakes and bikinis, every month of 2016 will feature both a feast for the eyes – images of adorable children and adults alive today thanks to transplantation and families who are remembering