Media Kit

Foundation and divisional fact sheets provided on Google drive – Foundation, LLFL, LLGA (there are two – would like to combine to one with TWO press contacts, one north GA and one south GA), LLPR, facts about tissue donation, facts about directed donation, minority donation perspectives


Sensitive language below:

Appropriate Terms and Inappropriate Terms

“recover” organs not “harvest” organs

“recovery” of organs not “harvesting” of organs

“donation” of organs not “harvesting” of organs

“determine brain death” not “declare brain death”

“death” not “legal death”

“mechanical” support not “life” support

“ventilator” support not “life” support

“donated organs and tissues” not “body parts”

“deceased” donation not “cadaveric” donation or “cadaver” donation

“deceased donor” not “cadaver” (when used in a donation context)

Media Contacts

Florida – Betsy Edwards

Ashley Moore

Jennifer Krouse


Georgia – Kaysha Cranon, North Georgia –

Georgia – Tracy Ide, South Georgia –

Puerto Rico – Maresa Boneta