LifeLink Faces of Transplantation Calendar Participant Nomination Form – Transplant Recipient

A few helpful pointers to keep in mind while submitting nominations:

  • We feature both organ and tissue recipients.
  • We feature living donor/recipient combinations.
  • People of all ages are welcome, and we balance between men and women.
  • The more nominations, the better! No need to limit yourself to just one.
  • If a photo is available to accompany a nomination, we find it helpful.
  • Even if a nominee has been submitted before, a new submission form is required.
  • Anyone can submit a nomination, including both LifeLink and transplant center staff, donor hospitals and/or other community members.
  • Individuals may self-nominate… and do so all the time!
  • Please remember, there is limited space in the calendar and so we can only feature a limited number of stories. Please avoid telling individuals or families you submit that you have done so, in order to avoid setting them up for disappointment in the event they are not chosen this time.



Submissions are due no later than Friday, January 20th.


Should you have questions, please contact Tracy Ide at (706) 513-2637 or