Stop thinking ‘Why Me?’ and start thinking ‘Why Not Me?’

David Manuel was awarded the 2013 Non-Profit Executive of the Year award, but in late 2014 his world was forever changed. During routine tests for his annual physical, doctors noticed some alarming test results and rushed David to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Piedmont Hospital. David walked into ICU, but after two days he

Thank you doesn’t seem like enough

Silas was four months old when his mom, Amanda, noticed his breathing changed. A quick trip to the pediatrician turned into a life flight to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta – Egleston. Silas was immediately sedated, placed on a ventilator and diagnosed with mitochondrial dilated cardiomyopathy, a serious heart condition. A scary time for the Huffman

HOPE Act Gives Hope To Potential Transplant Patients Living With HIV

Although passed in 2013, the HOPE Act took effect just months ago, annually giving more than 1,000 additional potential transplant patients more…well…hope. Hope for another birthday, more memories to make and a longer life to live to the fullest. Each of those patients is in end-stage organ failure and needs an organ transplant to survive.

Hospital Partnerships Create A Donation Friendly Community

A record 31 LifeLink of Florida service area hospitals, 54 from Georgia and an astounding 54 from Puerto Rico, which accounts for 90% of all hospitals in Puerto Rico, will receive recognition for participation in HRSA’s Hospital Workplace Partnership For Life initiative that concluded in April, 2016, including a collective 46 hospitals being awarded Platinum