Employee Philanthropic Initiatives Committee (EPIC)

The LifeLink Legacy Fund is a support system for pre- and post-transplant patients in need of financial assistance and also provides funding for critical research and programs to improve organ and tissue donation and transplant. The Legacy Fund seeks representatives from LifeLink Foundation’s divisions and departments to enhance Legacy Fund outreach, both internally and externally.

Individuals may self-nominate if they feel they would make a strong contribution to the committee. In order to nominate, applicants must fill out an application and describe their interest and skills related to this endeavor. With the supervisor’s guidance, the Legacy Fund will select individuals they feel will best fit the committee.

Once selected, committee members will serve on the committee for 2 years. Committee meetings will be held both in Florida and Georgia and “meet” four times per year. These meetings will take no more than 1 ½ hours. The bulk of the committee members’ efforts/time on behalf of the Legacy Fund will be spent sharing their knowledge with fellow employees, community members, or assisting with specific events like the 5K in Florida or a breakfast fundraiser in the works for Georgia.

Deadline to apply Friday, November 4, 2016. Committee will be chosen by Friday, November 18th.


Interest/Nomination Form